Some Cisco phone settings can only be configured directly at the phone and not on the CUCM configuration page. Some of the phone settings only accessible at the phone are:

  • Rings
  • Ethernet
  • Erase CTL/ITL files
  • Background images
  • Brightness and contrast.

With UPLINX Phone Control tool, you can record a sequence of key presses at a test phone and then replay it to a group of phones.

Step 1: Record a key macro to change Cisco phone settings: UPLINX Phone Control Tool: Record key macro to change Cisco phone settings.

The recorded key sequence to change the Cisco phone's configuration can then be applied to a list of phones. The list of phones can be built based on device pool, model, extension range, location, and phone description.

Step 2: Change Cisco phones settings remotely by replaying a recorded key macro. replaying a recorded key macro

Read more about Bulk Key/Command Macros.

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