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Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications

Version: 11.0.16 Date: 26 Aug 2017 Size: 67.7 MB; MD5: 889A7D2CD4A6D5EB666995D22572C584
Installer includes application, user guide and customizable templates. Phone Inventory reports are included.

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NEW Download latest Report Tool v12.0.1 (64bit) for Cisco UC versions 9 to 12

download_newRelease 11.0.16

Remote Control for Cisco Phones (Desktop/Engineer Edition)

Version: 3.0.18 Date: 20 Sep 2017 Size: 46.1 MB; MD5: BC29F96FC16B5A81E37B3A305D5FFCF6

User guide | What’s New + Release Notes | Download older releases

Includes fully functional and free reports for invalid CTL/ITL files on Cisco phones.ITL-Erase-on-Cisco-Phones

Download UPLINX Phone Control ToolRelease 3.0.18

Cleanup and Update Tool for Cisco CUCM

Version: 1.0.11 Date: 18 Nov 2016 Size: 12.5 MB; MD5: 6E37157692F9872064EDD2AF54E1AFDF

Compatible up to Cisco CUCM 11.5. Installer includes application and user guide. Free and fully functional.

User guide


Release 1.0.11

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