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Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications

Version: 15.0.1 Date: 26 Feb 2024 Size: 96.2 MB; MD5: 5379015EBA439875584F3B052B8D2B83 Support for Cisco UC versions 10.0 to 15.0. Installer includes application, user guide and customizable templates. Phone Inventory reports are included.

Older Versions Download Report Tool 11.0.18 (32bit) for Cisco UC versions before 9 and up to 11.5

Remote Control for Cisco Phones (Desktop/Engineer Edition)

Version: 3.1.6 Date: 19 Jan 2024 Size: 62.1 MB; MD5: 6E6FF045A7F600AD11A782966868AF5F

UPLINX Cleanup Tool for Cisco CUCM

Version: 1.0.17 Date: 06 March 2025 - Size: 20.0 MB; MD5: D288338DE4505411BA24668D471B99B4

Compatible up to Cisco CUCM 15.0. Installer includes application and user guide.

FREE and fully functional.

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