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Cleanup Tool for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)

UPLINX Cleanup Tool for CUCM allows you to easily remove redundant and obsolete configurations from Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 11 to the latest. Avoid cluttering your system with unused configurations. Optimize your Cisco CUCM configuration by identifying and removing any unused configuration items. Explore the list of obsolete configuration items the tool identifies below.

UPLINX Cleanup Tool finds and removes (after your confirmation) the following unused configuration items from Cisco Unified Communications Manager:

  • Directory Numbers
  • Call Pickup Groups
  • Calling Search Spaces
  • Partitions
  • Regions
  • Device Pools
  • Device Profiles
  • Remote Destination Profiles

Identify and cleanup unused configuration items from CUCM (shown device pool)

How does it work?

Initially, it analyzes the CUCM configuration and generates a list of unused configuration records that are not referenced by any other configuration item, which means that it is no longer in use. The generated list of unused configuration items can be exported for reference. After confirming which configuration items to remove, it deletes them from the CUCM database.

UPLINX Cleanup Tool uses only CISCO AXL to access Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Supported Cisco UC versions are 11 to the latest version. It runs on any Windows operating system.

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Why is the tool for free?

UPLINX Cleanup Tool for CUCM is completely free, and we're grateful for your visit to our website and for considering our products.

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