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The UPLINX Remote Phone Control Tool enables you to control Cisco phones from remote and run various bulk operations related to Cisco phones.

This is the user guide for the UPLINX Remote Phone Control Tool (Desktop/Engineering edition). It is a Windows form based application. The Remote Phone Control Tool has the following functionalities:

Remotely control Cisco phones. The user interface is designed to represent and mimic the physical phone. Additionally, some advanced features and information are added to enhance usability.

Conduct Bulk Operations with the following easy-to-use Wizards :

Background image deployment to Cisco phones.

Screenshot report of Cisco phones displays.

Cisco Extension Mobility logout and re-login from a spreadsheet – ideal for migrations and upgrades.

Configure any Cisco phone settings from your desk by sending key macros to a group of phones. Change phone settings that are only available at the phone, and not in CUCM configuration, such as ringtone or Ethernet settings.

FREE-for-all ITL status report.

CTL report.

Erase invalid CTL-ITL files. It can report on invalid CTL-ITL files on Cisco phones with the free for all CTL-ITL report and then erase invalid CTL-ITL files.

For information on all the features, please see the datasheet,, product overview or the product web page.

The Remote Phone Control Tool runs on any Windows PC that has the Microsoft  .NET 4 framework installed. It requires IP connectivity to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and to Cisco phones.

Please select any of the following sections:

Product Overview

Setting Up the Remote Phone Control Tool

Using Remote Phone Control

oBulk Background Images

oBulk Extension Mobility

oBulk Key/Command Macros

oBulk CTL/ITL Erase

Free ITL Status Report



Contacting Support to Resolve Issues 

To download the latest release, please go to https://www.uplinx.com/downloads.

Web Server Edition

For the web edition of the UPLINX Phone Control Tool and the latest information and datasheet, please go to  https://www.uplinx.com/phonecontrol.




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