The Web Edition of the UPLINX Remote Phone Control is designed for help-desks and operational support staff tasked with supporting Cisco phones for end-users in organizations requiring high-security levels.

Its role-based user access module ensures secure and granular use for multiple users. It provides logging, reporting, and statistics of all operations and is ideal for financial organizations such as banks and insurance companies, government, and any organization requiring secure and controlled support.

The Web Edition is installed on a Windows Server with a Microsoft SQL Server database. It can be used standalone or as an add-on module to the UPLINX Provisioning System to validate new setups and remotely troubleshoot telephony issues.

Designed for help-desks to provide secure support

  • Web browser access requires no application deployment.
  • Multi-cluster, multi-user support with granular auditing down to individual actions.
  • Strong security with audit logs of logins and actions containing who, when and what has been done.
  • Dedicated and granular access rules are centrally managed and controlled. User access to Cisco phones can be limited per device pool, extension range and other filters.
  • No CUCM administrator account is required to use remote phone control. Authentication of login credentials via Active Directory means no CUCM administrative access.
  • Supports data and voice VLAN separation and firewalls with clear traffic flows from the Phone Control server to phones and the CUCM servers. User browser access is only to the Phone Control Tool web server, enabling strong security policies.

Pricing starts from $3,900 for 1 x CUCM cluster and 1,000 phones. Includes installation and customization on your provided Windows Server.

UPLINX Phone Control Tool - Web Edition interface