At the heart of UPLINX Track & Audit is the Configuration Repository. The Configuration Repository contains all the configuration reports of your Cisco Unified Communications and associated servers (such as InformaCast, UCCX, CER, VMware) from the past up to now. In the retention settings, you can specify how long past reports are kept and after which time they will be deleted.

The configuration reports are automatically created based on scheduler settings, and the generated reports are centrally stored in the Configuration Repository of UPLINX Track & Audit. An email can be sent to specific email addresses to monitor the system's activities.

Therefore, this fully automated system allows you to simplify the configuration management of all Cisco Unified servers. You no longer need to actively back up or review configurations of Cisco CUCM, Cisco Unity Connection, IMP, UCCX, CER and other supported servers.

Using its own Configuration Repository, Track & Audit can automatically generate configuration reports, track changes in comparison reports, and act on monitored configuration items to alert system administrators or execute actions via scripts or HTTP triggers.

When critical changes occur, the system sends out email alerts containing a list of changes which can be reviewed within seconds from the convenience of your email client. Daily configuration reports enable you to quickly undo configuration changes that are causing issues.

  • Configuration reports for Cisco Unified Communications or comparison/audit reports are accessed by web browser with authentication.
  • Change alerts can be reviewed within seconds from the convenience of your email client. Daily configuration reports enable you to quickly see past and current configuration settings and any changes applied to undo any configuration changes on the Cisco Web Admin. Identify quickly any changes that have been applied by whom and when, including the previous and new value settings.
  • Ad-hoc comparison reports between any two configuration reports contain all the changes between the two dates when the configuration reports have been generated.

UPLINX Track & Audit simplifies configuration management of Cisco Unified Communications servers. The system:

  • Automatically generates daily configuration reports for all Cisco Unified Communications servers and stores them in the centralized Report Repository.
  • Triggers email notifications to administrators for successful or failed report generations.
  • Browse through configuration backups from your web browser and provide secure access to dedicated users with authentication to Active Directory.
  • Identify configuration changes in the configuration reports and revert to previous configurations.
  • Sends you email alerts containing configurations changes which can be reviewed within seconds - including the change, time and user details.