Monitor remote voice streams with Cisco Silent Call Monitoring to improve troubleshooting and validation of phone configurations.

UPLINX Phone Control Tool - Monitor voice calls on Cisco phones

The UPLINX Remote Phone Control tool supports forking an existing call to your desk phone and uses the Cisco feature Built-in-bridge (BIB) on the monitored phone. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Silent Monitoring allows monitored calls to be routed like normal calls.

With the Professional or Enterprise license, once you have connected to a remote phone with UPLINX Remote Phone Control, enter the extension of your desk phone and press the [Monitor Call] button. The remote phone will now duplicate the voice stream to your desk phone.

The CUCM Silent Monitoring is activated by the UPLINX Remote Phone Control using Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI). Silent Monitoring has no noticeable effect on the monitored phone or its visual display. Also, no detectable audio artifact might alert call participants that their call is observed; this may represent a cause for concern.

For high-security environments, the web edition of UPLINX Remote Phone Control Tool tightly controls and audits the use of silent monitoring. For example, feature access can be assigned to a specific user of phone control, limited to particular phones and any usage is logged. Optionally, an alert tone can be played to any monitored phone to alert call participants.

The UPLINX Remote Phone Control Tool does not support call recording.

Cisco's silent monitoring features do not support encrypted calls, so ensure call encryption is disabled to use this feature.

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