With the Provisioning System, an Enterprise can now easily extend any existing Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) to include provisioning end-users into their Cisco Telephony system. The Uplinx Provisioning System API and configuration platform offers a working API that allows submitting complex and complete provisioning operations within hours, from any existing CMDB or ticketing systems. Other solutions require weeks or even months of software developer work for basic commissioning tasks and require a detailed understanding of the published Cisco internal APIs as well as laborious configuration and testing.

By utilizing the Uplinx Provisioning system API, once users are provisioned in Microsoft Active Directory, one simple call to the Uplinx Provisioning System API can execute an add, update or delete all end user objects associated with an end user. The required templates and logic are easily configured on the Uplinx Provisioning System web interface and within hours the Provisioning System will be available to test all functionality. The API can then be used to:

  • Perform creation, updating and deletion operations of all end user objects required for Cisco telephony servers such as (CUCM end user, device profiles for Cisco Extension Mobility, Extensions, Presence with Microsoft Lync or Cisco CUPS, Voicemail on Microsoft Exchange 2010 or Cisco Unity Connection)
  • Allocate free site extensions
  • Generate a welcome email notification to end users containing telephony related instructions such as PIN and password details, Extension Mobility usage and training material
  • Undertake logging of all actions of the platform for regulatory and operational compliance, change management, billing and issues tracing.
  • Integrate logging and provisioned objects back into the Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) system