The Report Tool generates reports of server configurations and phone inventory reports for Cisco Unified Communications servers. Reports are generated through a fully automated process and can be exported into Word, HTML, Excel, CSV and CHM formats. Typical usage for the Report Tool are configuration reports, audit reports and phone inventory reports for system integrators to document a system to be managed or the final handover documentation for a greenfields UC build. Internally within organisations, the Report Tool is used to maintain Cisco UC related configuration details and device audit information. CUCM reports can be audited by comparing two reports to highlight any changes done to the system. Phone Inventory reports include all phone configuration details, serial numbers of phones (for example for SMARTnet renewals), registration status and switch port neighbours.
It doesn't generate call utilization reports from Cisco Call Detail Records (CDR). It also doesn't update or write to any of the servers (ie push configuration changes)
The Report Tool currently supports Cisco UC version 11 and later and all subversions. It generates reports for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Unity Connection (CUC), Unified Presence/Instant Messaging (CUPS/IMP), Cisco Contact Center Express UCCX, Emergency Responder (CER), Cisco Meetings Server (CMS), Webex, Expressway, and InformaCast. For an up-to-date list of versions and supported Cisco servers, please see Compatible Cisco Products and Software Versions.
The CPU load will increase by about 10%. If the current CPU load is below 30%, generating a report will not impact any of the CUCM functions. If the CPU load is higher than 30%, it is recommended to run the report generation outside of office hours.
UPLINX Report Tool generates reports as HTML, CSV, Excel, Word, and CHM documents.
Yes, Microsoft Word 2012 or later is required to be installed on the same PC as the Report Tool to generate Word reports.
VBA support must be installed and enabled in Microsoft Word. Please follow Microsoft Word VBA Macro Support to configure Microsoft Word.
No. UPLINX Report Tool can generate CSV and Excel reports without any external software.
Yes. We encourage you to evaluate the Report Tool before you purchase it. The trial version has all the features of a fully licensed Report Tool but some fields will be overwritten with "not licensed".
No. For evaluation purposes, we provide a trial version which has full functionality except that some fields in the report are overwritten with "not licensed".
We issue about one update per month. New features, bug fixes and support for new versions of Cisco servers are included in new versions of the Report Tool. Release notes on our website will indicate what new features have been included in a release.
We generally participate in Cisco's beta trial program and start developing as soon as a new version of software is made available. At FCS (First Customer Shipment) of a new version by Cisco, the Report Tool should include support to generate reports for the new version.
Quotes can be obtained in our Online Shop within 2 minutes. Alternatively, please purchase the software directly using a credit card from our Online Shop, which displays the costs for the different available licenses. Alternatively, please contact us at email-sales and include your address details.
The Report Tool is available in the following licensing options:
  • Basic (CUCM only reports), Standard (for one cluster and all associate UC servers),
  • Professional,
  • Enterprise.
The Standard version is for one reporting client, and one CUCM cluster defined by the publisher's IP address and is bound to the CUCM major version. The Professional and Enterprise licenses are not limited to a particular cluster. The Professional license contains one report client license, and the Enterprise license contains up to 12 reporting clients. The reporting client is the PC or server that has the Report Tool installed and is identified by a unique node id generated by the Report Tool. The Basic license allows only CUCM reports (CUCM configuration and phone inventory reports and CUCM audits) - all features are included in every license type. Please see Licensing - Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications.
Generally, the Standard license is bound to the CUCM IP address. There is an invalidate procedure to deactivate the active license (for the old CUCM IP address); please contact email-licensing to start this procedure.