UPLINX Report Tool - How to find configuration changes

Are you wondering what, when, and who has applied changes to your Cisco Unified Comms configuration?

Which phones are newly registered or have disappeared? With UPLINX Report Tool, you can easily generate config reports, track, audit, or compare configuration reports or phone inventory reports of Cisco CUCM, Unity Connection, or IMP.

Effortless Configuration Comparison

Find changes in your configurations with ease using the compare or audit function of UPLINX Report Tool. It does compare two reports and shows you which config items have changed or remained the same. It also contains the previous and new values, newly added or deleted config items, and it can merge Cisco Audit logs to these changed to include the CUCM application userid of the change and an additional timestamp to confirm the change. Of course, you can also compare reports of different CUCM clusters that can help you during migrations, allowing you to compare new configurations with previous ones effortlessly.

Scheduled Audits and Notifications

Track changes to specific configuration items like dial plans, CSS, device pools, and gateways with automated scripts or on the GUI of UPLINX Report Tool. With custom scripts, filter configuration changes, and email notifications to alert admins. These notifications include essential details like the change, the timestamp, and the user who has applied the change. To do so, you can customize sample scripts to Generate Scheduled Reports.

Automated Backups

UPLINX Report Tool enables you to create automated configuration reports based on Windows Task Scheduler, ensuring you can always (manually) revert to a stable configuration if needed.

Change Monitoring

Simplify your daily operations by automating scheduled change tracking and receiving email alerts to review changes. Our tool provides a cost-effective way to manage and maintain your Cisco UC environment through automation scripts - sample script to Automatically Monitor CUCM Configuration Changes and Trigger Alert Emails.

Phone Inventory Audit

Phone Inventory Audit reports provide all details about added or deleted phones, changes to phone configurations, and registration status (de-registered or newly registered). You can modify these reports in Excel for further analysis and processing.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support

Access detailed steps and sample scripts in our user guide to help you navigate through your Cisco UC environment effectively. Explore our sample reports for config backup and audits.

Cost-effective Configuration Management

Build a cost-effective configuration management tailored to your needs. Customize and extend our sample scripts to Generating Reports from the Command Line for Scripting and Scheduling. You can start for free with the trial software and if all works, add a basic license for UPLINX Report Tool to generate full reports. For a single cluster, it costs only $590 and has unlimited software maintenance. The license includes unlimited users and phones/devices.

Professional Config Management and Tracking Solution: UPLINX Track & Audit System

If you are searching for a complete, web-based configuration management system for Cisco UC, check out our UPLINX Track & Audit System.

UPLINX Report Tool can cover configuration reporting and phone inventories for Cisco Unified Communications, offering many features to enhance your configuration management and change tracking needs.