UPLINX Report Tool - How to find configuration changes

What, when, and who has applied changes to your Cisco UC configuration? Which phones are newly registered or have disappeared? With UPLINX Report Tool, you can easily track, audit, or compare configuration reports or phone inventory reports of Cisco CUCM, CUC, or IMP.

  • Effortlessly compare the new to the previous configurations and view any change using the GUI of UPLINX Report Tool, for example, during migrations.
  • Monitor and track changes of specific configuration items (such as dial plan, CSS, device pools, gateways) by executing scheduled audit reports that filter configuration changes. Trigger email notifications to admins, including change details, time, and user details for immediate attention.
  • Create automated configuration backups based on Windows Task Scheduler so you can revert unwanted changes.
  • Simplify your change monitoring for daily operations by automating scheduled change tracking and email alerts to review changes.
  • Build a cost-effective configuration management system for Cisco UC with a few scripts.
  • The Phone Inventory Audit reports on added or deleted phones, changes to phone configuration, and registration status (de/registered) and can be further processed in Excel.

View detailed steps with sample scripts in the user guide how to find changes. or view generated Sample Backup and Audit Reports.

If you look for a complete, web-based configuration management system for Cisco UC, please see our Track & Audit System.

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