UPLINX Report Tool generates comprehensive configuration reports in HTML, Word and CHM for the configuration of InformaCast.

UPLINX Report Tool is listed as SingleWire ecosystem partner. InformaCast Advanced Notification is a broadcast and paging solution developed by Singlewire Software to enable Cisco telephone systems and connected appliances to broadcast notifications.

InformaCast versions 11 and later are supported in Basic and Advanced licenses. InformaCast Fusion is not supported.

The following two InformaCast license modes are supported for reporting:

  • InformaCast Basic Paging (License or Mode): access to configuration information is reduced through the InformaCast API, so Report Tool can only supply a minimal report.
  • InformaCast Advanced Notification (License or Mode): includes all features and the report is complete.

The tool only uses read-only operations via the GET functions of InformaCast REST API, and does not write any settings.

To test InformaCast configuration reports, please use the trial version downloaded here. In trial mode, every 3rd record will be overwritten with the text “not licensed”, but apart from that it is fully functional.

View a Singlewire InformaCast sample report:

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