Images of the Cisco phone’s displays can be manually or automatically saved for user guides, as-built documentation or to verify migrations, or to check that all phones show your corporate logo and have re-registered.

UPLINX Phone Control Tool - screenshot of Cisco phones

UPLINX Remote Phone Control enables you to easily obtain screenshots of the display of Cisco phones, in bulk or per phone.

Individual Phone Screenshot

To obtain the screenshot of a single phone, the steps are:

  1. Connect to a phone.
  2. Press button [Copy screen].
  3. Paste into your favorite word or image application.
Screenshot of phone display

Copy a phone's display to a Word application.

Bulk Phone Screenshots - Screenshot Report

The UPLINX Bulk Screenshot wizard can quickly generate a report showing screenshots of a list of phones that you first select. Images are also saved to the report folder.

The images of the phone's screen can be used to:

  1. Verify the corporate logo on phone screens, deployed by the UPLINX Background Image Wizard.
  2. Migrations to check that phones show the correct extension and are registered to CUCM.

The steps to generate a Screenshot report are:

  1. Open the Screenshot Wizard.
  2. Build a list of phones by searching for registered phones on CUCM.
  3. The wizard checks and prepares the phones, takes the screenshots and generates the HTML report.

Uplinx Bulk Screenshot Wizard

For detailed steps on how to generate a screenshot report, please see the User Guide.

How To Generate a Screenshot Report (one-minute presentation):

UPLINX Phone Control Tool - Sample Screenshot Report