You can now easily integrate self-service and provisioning functions for Cisco Unified Communications into ServiceNow.

Customize your ServiceNow portal to allow your end-users to request Catalog Items to manage Cisco Voice:

    • Standard user functions such as PIN or password resets for Cisco CUCM or Cisco Unity Connection can now be performed from within the ServiceNow Service Catalog or ordering form. The ServiceNow Service Catalog can now add a new category for “Cisco voice” provisioning. Through its modern and user-friendly storefront, it presents a single point of access for all users, integrated with your organization’s other IT services.
    • Advanced functions such as adding phones or Jabber can easily be customized and used by the helpdesk to resolve support tickets and incidents, and they can be added as end-user self-service items.
ServiceNow integration with UPLINX Provisiioning System

ServiceNow's Outbound SOAP service can now easily connect to UPLINX Provisioning System's API via the ServiceNow MID server. The MID server acts as a transparent proxy, on-premise, from the ServiceNow server instance to the on-premise instance of UPLINX Provisioning System, in order to configure Cisco Unified Communications servers.

This enables a ServiceNow expert to leverage the UPLINX Provisioning System and abstracts from detailed programming, leading to quick delivery times with assured software maintenance and support when Cisco Unified Comms functions change after upgrades.

The UPLINX Provisioning System's WSDL (defining the API functions) contains all functions to provision Cisco Unified Comms. It can be imported within seconds as a ServiceNow Outbound SOAP service and then its provisioning functions can be used in business rules and scripts by the standard ServiceNow platform. The following functionality is then immediately and easily available to all ServiceNow modules:

      • Add, update and delete CUCM end-users and their devices (phones, device profiles, RDPs, Jabber). The templates and all settings can easily be managed with UPLINX Provisioning System templates, avoiding extensive programming of each CUCM setting within ServiceNow. Allocate and assign extensions from free extension ranges.
      • Add, update and delete voicemail boxes (subscribers) on Cisco Unity Connection

Advanced provisioning, in a unified view of all devices of a user and their voicemail, is facilitated through the UPLINX Console.