Generate config report for Webex

UPLINX Report Tool generates comprehensive configuration reports in HTML, Word and CHM for the configuration of Webex.

Enhance your Webex experience with the following UPLINX Report Tool key features:

  • Generate reports for Webex effortlessly in HTML, Word, CHM, Excel, and CSV.
  • Document your current configuration.
  • Provide as-built configuration to your managers or clients or store it as backup reference.
  • Control all document aspects such as title, chapter descriptions, and corporate ID (use your own logos, colors, and fonts).
  • Many configuration options and pre-built templates will effortlessly and efficiently generate configuration reports for Webex.
  • Pre-built good looking templates allow easy and quick document generation in minutes and not hours.

UPLINX Report Tool is listed in the Webex App Hub as Cisco approved Integration.

Secure Access, ensure peace of mind: The tool only uses read-only operations via the Webex REST API to retrieve the configuration data to generate the reports. A temporary token is used to access the Webex REST API. The temporary access token is obtained by a Cisco-approved method (OAuth) from the Webex website by entering your administrator credentials only at the Cisco website. Therefore, UPLINX Report Tool never sees your credentials to keep them secure and safe. In addition, when generating configuration reports, all data is kept local - no configuration or user data is ever transmitted anywhere.

Try UPLINX Report Tool for FREE with all features!

To test configuration reports for Webex, please install the trial on Windows. No registration is required. In trial mode, every 3rd record will be overwritten with the text “not licensed”, but apart from that it is fully functional.

View Webex sample reports:

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