The Uplinx Remote Phone Control Tool's Bulk Background Images wizard deploys background images from your desktop computer to any number of Cisco phones within a CUCM cluster.

We have completely changed the background image deployment method in UPLINX Phone Control Tool. Previously the Wizard would send background images directly to the flash memory of each phone. Now, we use Common Phone Profiles to deploy images.

  1. Corporate Logo: Quickly deploy a single image like for a corporate logo to a list of phones assigned with an existing or new Common Phone Profile. The phones will update their background image via CUCM and TFTP server.Here is a short presentation of single image company logo deployment to a list of phones:



  2. Deploy a Wallpaper Collection to all User's Phones: Easily deploy multiple images to the Wallpaper menu on all phones in the cluster. Set a default image to all phones, like a corporate logo, or let the user choose from the selection of images, on their phone menu. Just upload a selection of images and the tool will do the rest, resizing images and uploading them to all TFTP servers.See this short presentation video of multiple image deployment for the wallpaper menus:



Bulk Background Images for Cisco phones

The Bulk Background Image wizard, along with all other bulk features, requires a Professional license and is not included with the Standard license.

Uploaded images are automatically resized to the requirements of each Cisco phone, and uploaded to the /Desktops folders on the TFTP servers in the cluster.


  • Image upload is managed for you: Use high quality images. The wizard will automatically deploy images to the TFTP server, in all resolutions.
  • Manage groups of phones for single image deployment: Easily select a group of phones to deploy the background image to. Build up a phone group by filtering by device pool, model, extension range, location and phone description. Assign a new Common Phone Profile to the group by duplicating an existing one. The image will go to all phones.
  • Stable deployment: Any new or reset phones assigned with the CPP will automatically inherit the background image.
  • Manage the Wallpaper Selection for All Phones: assign a selection of images to appear on the wallpaper menu for all phones in the organization. Allow users to choose their wallpaper from the selection on their phone.
  • Automatic preparation of Cisco CUCM phone settings: To deploy background images, enabling Web Access and Phone Personalization is required on the Cisco phone. You can choose to have this performed automatically for you by the wizard.
  • Review image deployment: use the Bulk Screenshot Wizard to review phone screens after deployment.

To get started, download your trial version now and follow the steps to Deploy Bulk Background Images for Cisco phones.

Download now and see for yourself.

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