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Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications

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The Uplinx Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications saves you time by automatically producing customized professional reports in HTML, Excel, CSV, Windows Help and WORD format in minutes - a task that otherwise takes many hours. Reports can be scripted and generated nightly.

Automatically Generate Reports for:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager - CUCM call manager Configuration report with all 270 items.
  • Cisco IM and Presence Service IMP - Unified Presence Server CUPS Configuration report with all 71 items.
  • Cisco Unity Connection - CUC Configuration report with all 113 items.
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express - UCCX Cisco UCCX configuration reports with all scripts of UCCX Script Editor.
  • Cisco Emergency Responder - CER Configuration report with all 36 items.
  • Webex by Cisco Configuration report for Webex control hub. (more info)
  • Cisco Expressway
  • VMware Configuration report for VMware server and Virtual Machines.
  • Provisioned Users Reports per end-user on phones, voicemail and extension settings.
  • Cisco Phones Inventory Phone Inventory - Asset: serial, model, MAC, certificates, registration status and switch location per Cisco phone.
  • Cisco Meeting Server (CMS). Configuration report.
  • Audit (Comparison) reports. Find, monitor or audit any configuration changes to Cisco CUCM, CUC.
  • Singlewire InformaCast reports. Configuration report. (more info)
See sample reports
Uplinx Report Tool - sample reports

Create Comprehensive Reports within Minutes

Uplinx Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications saves you time by automatically producing customized professional reports in HTML, Excel, CSV, Windows Help and WORD format in minutes - a task that otherwise takes many hours. Reports can be scripted and generated nightly. Pricing from $590 at our Online Shop.

With our reporting software, reports are automatically generated within minutes. Predefined report templates generate high quality, professional reports. All templates are customizable to your corporate standard documentation. The Word report can serve as the base for a comprehensive audit or as-built report for your projects and delivers professional looking as-built project reports.


Generate Comprehensive Reports within minutes with Uplinx Report Tool

Save Time and Money Documentin

Save Time and Money Documenting Your Cisco Projects

Create great looking as-built documentation in HTML or Microsoft Word format within minutes. Reports can be based on your own templates including your own color schema, fonts and logos. Include additional information into the generated word reports or directly convert to PDF to provide professional looking project documentation.

Reports include detailed descriptions for each configuration item of Cisco Unified Communications Manager CUCM, Unity Connection, and Cisco IMP/Presence, CER and any other supported Cisco Unified Communications server. Easily document any configuration setting of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (CRS, UCCX) including the latest Finesse details and include all steps of every call center script.  Read More...

Simplify your Analysis and Reporting for:

  • As-built documentation
  • Configuration reports
  • Audits
  • Back-up
  • Phone inventories or Asset Management
  • SMARTnet
  • Regulatory compliance for emergency 911 calls -
UPLINX Report Tool - Customize your templates with your corporate image
UPLINX Report Tool - Customize Cisco report templates to your corporate image

Create Reports based on your own Templates

Customize your reports to adapt them to corporate branding and include your own content


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How to Find Changes in CUCM, CUC or IMP Configurations

With UPLINX Report Tool you can easily track, audit or compare configuration reports or phone inventory reports to identify and view changes in Cisco Unified Communications. Read More...

  • What, When and Who has applied changes to your Cisco UC configuration? Effortlessly compare configurations and view any change.
  • Build a cost-effective configuration management system for Cisco UC.
  • Create automated configuration backup reports.
  • Simplify your change monitoring by automating change tracking and arrange email alerts to review changes. Monitor and track changes of specific configuration items
  • Phone Inventory Audit reports contain added or deleted phones, changes to phone configuration and registration status.

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Uplinx Provisioning System

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Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications is a desktop application that generates reports for Cisco Unified Communications servers within minutes.

Step 1: Enter server details

Step 2: Enter report settings such as report name and format

Step 3: Generate the report. Data is automatically retrieved and reports generated within minutes

Step 4: View the reports. Reports are generated in the following formats: HTML, Word (DOC), CHM, CSV and Excel. See our sample reports in the Documents tab

Excel reports allow further configuration processing

Audit/comparison reports: Compare reports to see what, when and who has applied changes

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I have loved Uplinx Report Tool and have used it since CUCM version 6. It's the best tool out there. It's fantastic and I recommend it to every VAR engineer I meet. I've even convinced my company to use it as a help desk tool.
As an engineer, you need a tool that generates all the as-built documentation for Cisco Unified Communications so you can spend precious time on what really matters—your expertise and delivering the project.