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UPLINX Auto Provisioning covers all possible options to allocate and assign extensions to end-users and its devices in Cisco Unified Communications, such as:

  • Extensions can be predefined in the AD user.
  • Automatically allocated from the site extension range.
  • Manually be assigned by a telephony administrator in the UPLINX Console.

During commissioning, UPLINX Auto Provisioning will update the allocated extension in Active Directory to reflect the commissioned extension of the end-user. Assigned extensions can be expanded or modified to any format, such as internal n- Digits to full E.164 number format such as \+1 +1 NXX-NXX-XXXX N=digits 2–9, X=digits 0–9 +1.

Updating the assigned extension in Active Directory means that extension information is always accurate across any directory searches; without manually managing free and used extension lists.