Cisco phones use CTL/ITL files to store a list of server certificates on the phone.

Having the wrong CTL/ITL files installed on phones can lead to major issues during an upgrade or migration as the phones will not trust the TFTP server and hence not update the configuration. Any changes to the phone's configuration will not be activated on the phone.

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The Uplinx Remote Phone Control Tool's bulk CTL/ITL Erase feature enables you to quickly and easily delete the CTL/ITL files for a group of phones remotely. Deleting CTL/ITL files can normally only be performed manually on the phone.

Erase invalid CTL-ITL files

The Bulk CTL/ITL Erase wizard, along with all other bulk features, requires a Professional license and is not included in the Standard license.

The Bulk CTL/ITL Erase wizard enables you to easily remove the CTL/ITL files when a phone needs to be migrated to a new CUCM server. If you plan to migrate your phones, please see the steps in 'How to migrate Cisco phones to new CUCM servers'.

If you suspect invalid ITL files on your phone because the phones do not accept configuration changes from CUCM, please generate the free report 'Invalid ITL report for Cisco phones' included in the UPLINX Phone Control Tool.


The UPLINX Phone Control Tool helps you with the following tasks for CTL/ITL Erase for Cisco phones on CUCM:

Bulk operations, which are included in the desktop (engineering) edition, can also be executed from the command line and scripted to allow scheduled or repetitive execution.

To get started, download your trial version now and follow these steps to Bulk CTL/ITL Erase for Cisco phones.

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