How do you identify breaking changes in the mission-critical configuration of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

Identify what has changed and restore previous configurations within seconds based on comparison reports that identify any configuration change. View and compare previous configuration reports, which have been automatically created for backup purposes and are stored in the centralized report repository of the UPLINX Track & Audit server.

Audit reports highlight differences made to the Cisco Unified Communications server configuration so that configurations can be (manually) changed back to the previous state. You can find out who and when the changes were made, so you can talk to the person who initiated them, such as Cisco administrators or system engineers, to find out what the change's intended goal is.

identify configurations changes in Cisco Unified Communications

Recover from accidental deletions and restore prior configurations. UPLINX Track & Audit tracks configuration changes, which allows you to manually roll back to previous configuration versions. It facilitates Cisco experts and administrators to modify configurations with the assurance that, in the event of any malfunction, they can identify the modifications and revert to a previous configuration.

With UPLINX Track & Audit, you can better manage Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or Cisco Unity Connection settings by automatically generating reports that show how much work was done, when, and who did it.


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