UPLINX is looking for a single, country-wide partner in the United States to further expand its market and customer base. Ideally your organization is already part of the Cisco eco-system and involved in Enterprise and government entities that use Cisco Unified Communications.

As the marketing lead in the United States and the Americas, you are responsible for establishing, monitoring and improving every aspect of the UPLINX partner experience:

  • Directly sell and invoice UPLINX products
  • Actively market, demo and position UPLINX products
  • Provide first level support
  • Engage with your customers to improve operations for Cisco Unified Communications
  • Work with UPLINX product development to evolve the product and meet customer expectations

Please note that we are not looking for a reseller of our products, we look for a long-term partner that actively markets, consults and sells. In turn we offer a unique, market leading product portfolio with many references of blue-chip organizations.

For a confidential consultation, please get in touch with us through our contact form.