Optimize and enhance Cisco Unified Communications
How to manage and enhance Cisco Unified Communications?
Simplify support, provisioning and reporting for Cisco phones
Simplify support, provisioning and reporting for Cisco phones?

April 2021- ReportTool UC 14

CUCM, CUC and IMP version 14. CMS 3.1. Latest Expressway. Report improvements.

April 2021-- Cleanup Tool CUCM 14

Now supporting also CUCM 14.

March 2021 - Phone Control Tool

View lamp status colors on phone buttons, indicating status of DND, Hunt Group login, Privacy etc.

Nov 2020 - Cleanup Tool for CUCM

Refreshed Cleanup Tool for CUCM.

May 2020 - ReportTool CMS

Add CMS reports for CMS v2.8/2.9.

Feb 2020 - Phone Control Tool

Screenshot wizard to generate reports with screenshots of phones.

Jan 2020 - Phone Control Tool

Background Image wizard to use TFTP images.

Dec 2019 - Track & Audit

Add reports for Informacast/Singlewire.

Nov 2019 - ReportTool Telepresence

Add Telepresence/Webex devices to phone inventory report.

Sep 2019 - CMS

CMS report improvements.

Aug 2019 - ReportTool Informacast

Add reports for Informacast/Singlewire.

June 2019 - Phone + Report Tool

Maintenance releases and new features.

May 2019 - Provisioning System

New web front end, performance, better shared lines in Console.

Feb 2019 - Phone Control Tool

Support for Cisco UC version 12.5, new 7832/8832 phones.

Jan 2019 - ReportTool for 12.5

Support for Cisco UC version 12.5 for CUCM, IMP and CUC.

Oct 2018 - ReportTool

New Word and CSS templates with preview.

Sep 2018 - Auto Provisioning

New auto submit after time and emails alerts.

June 2018 - Provisioning System

Performance improvements in Console.

May 2018 - Track & Audit

Active Directory user authentication. Sync mode for faster report generation.

Mar 2018 - Provisioning System

Provisioning for Line Groups, CSV config import - many improvements.

Dec 2017 - Phone Control Tool

New ITL report - new GUI - upd ITL Status report.