User Guide - Uplinx Report Tool
What's New - Release Notes
Product Overview
Sample Reports
Compatibility and Requirements
Compatible Cisco Products and Software Versions
System Requirements
Phone Inventory Tool - Compatible Phones
Utilised Network Protocols and Ports
Security, Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT)
Reports - Missing Configuration Objects
Installation and Setup
Microsoft Word VBA Macro Support
Cisco Unity Connection - ODBC Driver
Cisco UCCX Editor for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
Installer Fails - Invalid Signature
How to Generate a Report
Step 1 - Configure Server Settings
Step 2 - Configure Report Format
Step 3 - Configure Report Content
Step 4 - Generate the Report
Step 5 - Include UCCX Scripts in Reports (UCCX Only)
Generate Phone Inventory Report
About Tab: Application Settings
Advanced Report Generation
Customizing Your Own Report Templates
Generate Word Reports from HTML Reports
Manually Generating a Word Report From an HTML Report
Using Server and Report Setting Profiles (Optional)
Generating Reports During Business Hours
Off-Site Report Generation
Report Explorer - View or Compare Generated Reports
Including UCOS CLI Command Output in Reports
Generating Reports without a License
How to run 32bit and 64bit of Report Tool on same PC
Comparison (Audit) Reports
Comparison (Audit) of CUCM or CUC Configuration Reports
Comparison (Audit) of Phone Inventory Reports
Provisioned Users Report
Generating Reports from the Command Line for Scripting and Scheduling
Using Customer Profiles
Sync Options
Example 1 - Generate CUCM Report
Example 1.2 - Generate CUCM Report with email
Example 1.3 - Generate CUCM Report for phone security settings
Example 2 - Generate CSV Output for One SQL Command
Example 3 - Generate CSV Output for Several SQL Commands
Example 4 - Generate Scheduled Reports
Example 4.1 - Scheduled Reports and Logging
Example 5 - Publish Scheduled Reports to a Web Server
Example 6 - Automatically Monitor CUCM Configuration Changes and Trigger Alert Emails
Did you know? -- Some Advanced Features
Installer Fails - Invalid Signature
Troubleshooting Word Report Issues
Troubleshooting ODBC Driver Installations
Troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connection Issues
Seeing what's wrong: Logging and Tracing
Troubleshooting AXL SOAP Connectivity for CUCM and CUPS
Troubleshooting Phone Inventory Connectivity Issues
Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel
Demo License
CCMreporter for CUCM version 4
Per-User Licensing and Usage on Terminal Servers
Seeing what's wrong: Logging and Tracing
Contacting Support to Resolve Issues - Contact Us
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