Generated Reports

The phone inventory report is generated in three formats (Word, CSV, Excel) which contain the following information:

Word (DOC) report

The Word report contains the phone status information (see below) per phone and phone configuration settings which can be defined in the Fields included section of the Phone Inventory settings. The phones are sorted per model.

Excel (XLS) report

The following worksheets (tabs) are available in the report:

CSV reports

Each spreadsheet within the generated Excel document is exported to a CSV file. It contains the same data. The CSV reports are located in the folder <basefolder>/<ReportForName>/PHONEINVENTORY/<date>/csv/.

Please note that if a phone filter has been defined in the Phone Inventory settings, the Excel and CSV files will only contain the phones that match the filter. This also means that the statistical and summary information will only be for the matches.

For each phone, Phone Status contains:

The comparison (audit) function allows comparisons between two Excel phone inventory reports to show any registration or configuration changes. It contains the following tabs in the generated Excel spreadsheet:

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