Manually Generating a Word Report From an HTML Report

To generate Word reports from HTML reports. you can follow the steps in Generate Word Reports from HTML Reports, or perform the operation manually.
After an HTML report has been generated, a Word report can be manually generated from the HTML report in the following way:

  1. Open the Word document in the folder C:\Program Files\ReportTool\templates\<report_type>\word\<template>.doc
  2. Go to the section where it says #BODY#, delete this tag (“#BODY#”) and place the cursor there.
  3. In the Microsoft Word menu, go to Insert > Object > Text from File  and select the generated HTML report. This will insert the HTML report into the word document. Wait for Word to complete the action.

Tool for Cisco UC - HTML to Word
  4. Click on the Format button on the first page to reformat and adjust the content. This will run some VBA macros to format the Word report. It can take several minutes, depending on the size of the HTML file.
  5. Save the report in the desired format, alter if desired and then Save As... and choose PDF format. Microsoft has included automatic pdf conversion functionality since Word 2010.

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