Step 4 - Generate the Report

Before generating the report, please see our notes regarding the following topics. Both of these topics are related to the Report Tool's network resource usage and report generation times which should be considered when generating a report on a live system:

If you need to generate a report from a non-licensed or temporarily licensed Report Tool (for example on a customer PC), please see Generating a Report without a License.

To generate the report, select the Direct or Sync mode, then click the Generate button. Before doing so, please make sure that you have connectivity to the server by using the Validate Credentials button in the Server tab. To learn more about Direct or Sync mode, see How Sync Mode works .

Generate the report


Sync mode allows generating reports offline after syncing information from the server to a local data store. Direct mode will directly generate a report without storing data first in the local data store. If the Sync method fails, please use direct report generation. Please note this does not work for all supported report types, it only works for configuration reports for CUCM, CUC, IMP/CUPS. To learn more, see How Sync Mode works .

To generate off-line reports for CUCM, CUC and/ or CUPS:

  1. Synchronize the server information to the local data store. This might take less than 10 minutes for most environments for CUCM, CUC and CUPS.
  2. Generate the report from the local data store when off-site.

Alternatively, use the Direct method to generate on-line reports. On-line reports require the server to be present.


and sync report generation

The direct and sync methods are also supported from the command line to execute the Reports via scripts.

Read more about off-site report generation in  Off-Site Report Generation .

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