Example 2 - Generate CSV Output for One SQL Command

The following command creates a CUCM report to CUCM with IP address, use the AXL soap credentials of user “admin” with password “cisco,123” and executes the SQL command "select* from device" and writes the output to a file.

The /csvheader will add (optional) the column names in the header row of the CSV file. The CSV header names are the same as the originating column names of the SQL table.

ReportTool.exe /cucm_ip /cucm_user admin  /cucm_password "bla,123" /sql "select* from device" /csvfile c:\mytemp\sql.csv /csvheader

Uplinx(c) Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications: 11.0.5 / 9 Nov 2015

<<-- Parameters -->>
-- Profile file = ReportTool.config
-- CUCM IP =
-- CUCM AXL user = admin
-- CUCM AXL password Length = 7
-- SQLcmd = select* from device
-- csvfile = c:\mytemp\sql.csv
-- csvheader = True
Loading config file: Default
Loaded config file: Default

<<-- Running tasks (Press CTRL-C to abort) -->>
Executing: Creating SQL to CSV file(s)
15:08:11 | Starting SQLtoCSV Report
15:08:15 | Licensed mode enabled for DEBUGGING.
15:08:15 | Report Tool running in licensed mode
15:08:15 | Starting SQL2CSV => Finished at 15:08:15
File created: c:\mytemp\sql.csv
Finished - no error

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