Example 1 - Generate CUCM Report


Create a CUCM report to the CUCM with IP address, use the AXL soap credentials of user “admin” with password “cisco,123” and call the report customer .

ReportTool.exe /cucm_ip /cucm_user admin  /cucm_password "cisco,123" /cucm_report  “customer”

Please note the use of  quotes " around string values if the string contains special characters or spaces.

Alternatively, you might save the CUCM details to a customer profile , and then call it with the following:

ReportTool.exe /profile "Customer A"  /cucm_sync TEST /cucm_report TEST

This will sync all of the config to the local data store and then generate a report. You might then generate several reports out of the synced data store with several customer profiles which contain different report content profiles.

The Report Tool will write log messages to the console. Please note the first section Parameters which will confirm the arguments from the command line.


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