Comparison (Audit) of Phone Inventory Reports

The Phone Inventory comparison requires two Excel reports generated by the Report Tool. These will be compared to reveal their differences in the generated comparison report. The generated comparison report is rendered in Excel format and shows:

Please note that configuration changes to phones, lines, Speed Dials, BLF and subscribed IP Phone services and other CUCM configuration objects can be seen in the CUCM comparison (audit) report.

To generate the report, enter an Excel base report (i.e. the older report) and a newer, revised or changed report as input. Then press the Compare button. The tick box Compare Timestamp will include the RIS timestamp in the comparison. Typically, if a phone re-registers to CUCM the RIS timestamp is reset. If you are only interested in the current registration status (or phones having reregistered), Compare Timestamp should not be ticked to exclude this value from the comparison algorithm.


Tool for Cisco UC - Comparison Audit Report - Phone Inventory


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