Comparison (Audit) of CUCM or CUC Configuration Reports

The CUCM or CUC configuration comparison process requires two (2) HTML reports generated by the Report Tool, which will be compared and their differences then shown in the generated Comparison (Audit) Report. For sample comparison reports, please see our website .

The generated Comparison Report is rendered in HTML and will show:

The generated comparison report is structured per configuration item and lists all changes found, a list of the Cisco Audit Log entries and a summary list of all configration items, and whether they have been changed or remain the same. All detected changes, Cisco Audit Logs and configuration items are linked to improve navigation. Cisco Audit Logs are (optionally) linked to each change and identify when and who has performed a configuration change.

To start generating comparison reports, there are 2 options:

  1. Navigate to the Audit Reports tab and select which comparison report to generate as shown on the screenshot below.
  2. Start Report Explorer by clicking on on the Generate Reports tab. To compare two CUCM or CUC reports, select 2 report entries of the same type, right click and select Compare Reports . Please see Report Explorer -View or Compare Generated Reports.

To generate a Comparison Report, peform the following steps:

Here are some advanced options on the form:


The demo version will not generate accurate differential results as the input records do not contain all required information. The demo is only intended for illustrative purposes. For sample comparison reports, please see our website .


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