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Table of Contents

1 Report Information 1.1 Report Generation 2 Licensing 2.1 Summary 2.2 Users 2.3 Devices 3 Cisco Prime License Manager 3.1 Overview 3.2 Product Instances 3.3 Usage per License Type 3.3.1 Table 3.3.2 Charts UCM 10 CUC 10 CUC 3.4 Usage per Product Instance 3.4.1 Table 3.4.2 Charts CUCM110 CUC111

1 Report Information

1.1 Report Generation

Report Info
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2 Licensing

Cisco Unified Communications Manager licensing is part of the overall commercial offer of Cisco Unified Communications Licensing.

Licensing for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager is determined by the total number of users, user features, and devices configured. Cisco Unified Communications Manager calculates its license usage based upon the total number of users (with user features and associated devices) and devices configured on the system.

This section contains:

2.1 Summary

This section provides a summary of the Licenses in use. The following are license types of Unified Communications Manager:

Licensing Summary
License TypeCurrent UsageUsersDevices
CUWL Standard000
Enhanced Plus000
Telepresence Room110
Last Updated2015-10-12 21:20:51  

2.2 Users

This chapter lists licenses consumed by users.

If a user is configured in the system and is not associated to any devices, that user will not own any device. A user is associated to a device or owns a device if that user's ID is set as the Owner User ID or Mobility User ID in the device's configuration.

Simply adding a user into the system does not consume any licenses if the user does not own any devices or does not use a licensed user feature. However, if the user is configured with a licensed user feature, or that user does own a device, then the user does consume a license. The licensed user features are Extension Mobility and Mobile Connect (also known as Mobility or Single Number Reach or SNR).

Devices have different tiers based on their type. Device tiers determine which license will be consumed when they are assigned to the user. The device will continue to consume the license even if it's not assigned to the user.

Users may have consumed the licenses under following circumstances:

1. User is using licensed feature but has no device assigned: In this case, user does not own any device. This means there is no device in the system with the Owner User ID set as the user.

2. User owns a device:

User IDLicense TypeLicense Usage CountDevice CountDevices Contributing to License Usage
SEPB838612FC0A3Cisco 78217821Basic
SEP6CFA8902CFE1Cisco 7861Angelina Jolie (Cisco 7861 SIP)Enhanced
SEP0021A02E05E0Cisco 7945Ellen Page (Cisco 7945 SCCP)Enhanced
TCTTEMPLATECisco Dual Mode for iPhone Enhanced
SEPDCEB94BC1C52Cisco 8841Demi Moore (Cisco 8841 SIP)Enhanced
SEP1CDEA7824ED2Cisco DX650SEP1CDEA7824ED2Enhanced
userCCCCTelepresence Room11
SEP100010001000Cisco TelePresence 1000SP100010001000TelePresence Room

2.3 Devices

Once a device is assigned or associated to a user by configuring the user's ID as Owner User ID or Mobility User ID of the device, the licensing requirements for that user and device are determined by the type of device and the number of devices assigned to the user.

However, if a device is added to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and no Owner User ID or Mobility User ID has been specified, the device consumes license based on its device type. The following table lists these devices with license type consumed by each of them. These are all unassigned devices.

NameLicense TypeDevice TypeDescriptionExtension
SEP44D3CA7B4368Enhanced Cisco 7925Wireless 79257925
SEP04C5A44D2C77Enhanced Cisco 99519951 with CKEM 
testEnhanced Cisco IP CommunicatorAuto 110258821
SEP123412341234Enhanced Cisco 7965Phone of Brad Pitt55001
SEP0021A02BC8B8Enhanced Cisco 7965Auto 1103711037
SEPB000B4BB3F54Enhanced Cisco 88518851 with 1 x KEM Updated 14:528851
CIPC_MKUNZEnhanced Cisco IP CommunicatorAuto 110258821
SEP3C5EC30DCC2DEnhanced Cisco 88418841 Testxxx8841
SEPD824BDBBEC46Enhanced Cisco 7975Meeting room 14002
SEP0000DEADBEEFEnhanced Cisco 794514807
SEP7426ACF35CBEEnhanced Cisco DX70Auto 1103611036

3 Cisco Prime License Manager

Cisco Prime License Manager provides simplified, enterprise-wide management of user-based licensing, including license fulfillment. Cisco Prime License Manager handles licensing fulfillment, supports allocation and reconciliation of licenses across supported products, and provides enterprise-level reporting of usage and entitlement.

3.1 Overview

This section contains the server status and identity of this Cisco Prime License Manager.

License Definition Version10.5.0
Host NameCUCM1052
IP Address10.5.1.110
Fulfillment ModeONLINE
Deployment ModeEnterprise
Last Synchronization (UTC)12/10/2015 7:30:36 AM

3.2 Product Instances

The following product instances are registered with this Cisco Prime License Manager.

License Usage
NameHostnameProduct TypeVersionLicense StatusSynchronization StatusLast Successful Synchronization (UTC)
CUCM11010.5.1.110UCM10.5.2VIOLATEDSuccess12/10/2015 7:30:36 AM
CUC11110.5.1.111CUC10.5.2VIOLATEDSuccess12/10/2015 7:30:36 AM

3.3 Usage per License Type

This section shows the usage for all license types.

3.3.1 Table

This table shows the usage for all license types.

Usage per License
TypeProduct TypeversionLicense StatusRequiredInstalledAvailableExpiration Date (UTC)

3.3.2 Charts UCM 10

This chart shows the usage for license type UCM 10. CUC 10

This chart shows the usage for license type CUC 10. CUC

This chart shows the usage for license type CUC.

3.4 Usage per Product Instance

This section shows the usage for all product instances.

3.4.1 Table

This table shows the usage for all product instances.

Usage per Product Instance
Product NameLicense TypeLicenses Requested

3.4.2 Charts CUCM110

This chart shows the usage for product instance CUCM110. CUC111

This chart shows the usage for product instance CUC111.

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