Troubleshooting Remote Phone Control Tool

The Remote Phone Control Tool may encounter various issues due to configuration errors or faulty Cisco devices.

Using the Troubleshooter

When encountering errors controlling remote phones or using one of the Bulk features, always use the troubleshooter to verify the settings first.

The troubleshooter screen usually appears automatically when a connection to the controlled phone fails.

If the troubleshooter does not appear when connecting to a phone, it can be manually started by clicking on one of the following buttons:

For errors found in Bulk features related to any particular phone, try connecting to that phone in the Remote Phone Control tab, then verify if the connection succeeds or use the troubleshooter to find any problems.

Please try resolving all the errors reported by the troubleshooter before contacting support. Most of them can simply be fixed by following the suggestions provided by the troubleshooter.

Further Troubleshooting

If the troubleshooter does not tell you exactly what has gone wrong, see the following pages to make sure that the CUCM has been configured correctly:

Error in Phone Control Tool


Contacting Support

If problems still persist after trying all the suggestions above, contact support  for further assistance.

Are you running the latest release? Check and upgrade to the latest release to save time spent on obtaining support. To upgrade, run the Uplinx Remote Phone Control Tool, navigate to [About] tab then click on the [Check for Update] button . Support will be provided on latest version of the software only.

Please describe the error situation and basic information about the user enviorment (such as phone models, CUCM version and firmware load). 

Application log files will be needed for troubleshooting. For more information on collecting application logs see Seeing what's wrong: logging and Tracing.

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