Supported Phones

This section lists the Cisco IP phone models that are supported, not supported, and partially supported to remotely control a phone with UPLINX Remote Phone Control tool, with phone model limitations. Phone models with asterisks (*) are the ones that are partially supported, and their limitations are noted at the end of this section. Note: See the following for a list of supported phones to deploy background images, and here for CTL/ITL supported phones .

Supported Cisco Phone Model Series:

List of Supported Cisco Phone Models:

Series 7800

Series 6900

Series 7900

Series 7920 (WLAN mobiles)

Series 8800

Series 8900/9900

Expansion Modules

* Note that there are phones that are not fully supported due to CISCO firmware limitations. Consequently, there will be supported phones that have the following restrictions:


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