Supported Phones

This section lists the Cisco phone models that are supported and the required phone firmware to deploy background images from within Remote Phone Control.

Note: For a list of supported phones for Remote Phone Control (sending key strokes and displaying the screen), please see here .

Supported Cisco Phones to Upload Background Images

Summary: All phones with a colour screen and high-res LCD screens. In particular:

For phones with LCD screens, please provide black and white background images. The automatic conversion from color images to grey-scale images required for Cisco phone models with LCD screens requires having an image with strong contrast. For best results, create an image that has only black and white or with minimal greys for those LCD models that support grey scales, such as Cisco phone models 7941, 7942, 7961, 7962.

For best results (for company logos etc.), you may want to resize the images to the exact screen size of each phone model with an image tool, so that automatic resizing and rendering is not required.

Phones not supported (these Cisco phone models do not support background images on their display)

Known Issues on 9951/9971
Deploying background images to Cisco phones 9951/9971 may encounter an issue (seen in firmware version 9.4(1), released 10 Jan 2014). These models have large image sizes, so please deploy carefully and limit the amount of phones in one bulk job.

Symptoms on 9951/9971: When deploying a background image on 9951/9971 phones using the Set Background or the Bulk Background Images feature, the operation fails with the error message "HTTP 400 Bad Request", despite the image file adhering to Cisco's size and format requirements.


  1. Use a different image file. Image files wit ah solid opaque background are less likely to be rejected by these phones.
  2. For some image files, manually resizing to 24-bit 640 x 480 pixels in a PNG format with an external image editing tool may sometimes fix the problem.

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