Example 3: Send text message to a group of phones

With UPLINX Phone Control Tool you can send text messages to a single phone or a group of phones:

Optionally, messages can play a tone when they appear on the phone and a timer can be specified to automatically remove the message from the phone.

Step 1: Configure a Macro for your Message

  1. Connect to a phone in the "Remote Phone Control" tab.
  2. Click on tab Macros.
  3. Modify the pre-configured Message macro, duplicate or create a new one. To modify it, select the Macro Message and then the small silver cog as per screenshot below.
  4. Set the message content and Save.
  5. Press Run for a test run on this phone.


Step 2: Send Message to Phones with Bulk Macro Wizard

In the Bulk Macros wizard in step 3, select your Macro with name " Message"  to deploy to a group of phones as follows:

When run, this will now send the specified text message to each of the selected phones as shown below:

The following text message will be displayed on each phone:

Step 3: Script to Send Message to Phones

To do so, you must have first saved the bulk macro of Step 2 to a <macro file name> and then reference this <macro file name> on the command line as follows:

PhoneControlTool.exe /bulkmacro "C:\mytemp\<macro file name>.csv"

Sending out messages to phones can also be scripted via command line parameters of the Uplinx Phone Control Tool. This makes it possible to:

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