Macro Recorder: How to Record a Key Macro

With Uplinx Remote Phone Control , users can record Macros that contain key sequences, and replay them on the selected phone. To replay a recorded macro to several phones, please use the Bulk Macro Wizard .

First, connect to a phone with the tab Remote Phone Control tab.

To record a macro, click the Start button on the Record New Macros tab as per screenshot below, then press the keys on the representation of the phone. The name of the keys that have been pressed will be listed in the Keys list view. Use the Add special Keystroke/Action section to add special commands not present in the phone representation such as Screenshot, Lock, Unlock, Delay [x] secs, Message, Display:On and Display:Off. to stop recording the key press sequence, click Stop and then give the macro a name in the Save As section and save it.

Remote Control of Cisco Phones - Record Macro

To  run a macro, go to the Edit/Run Macros tab as displayed below, select a macro and click the  Run button. Macros can be modified by editing/adding/deleting/rearranging keys and delaying between keys with the Macro Editor outlined below. 

Macro Editor

To modify a macro, select the macro and choose Modify Macro.

 Remote Control of Cisco Phones - Macro List

Each macro is associated with the model it has been recorded for. Executing a macro against a different model may cause undesired effects.

Exporting or Importing Macros

Right click to perform add, delete, rename or to export and import macros on a selected entry in the key macro list.

Remote Control of Cisco Phones - Macro Import Export

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