Pricing and License Options

To see pricing and all licensing options, please visit our online shop. Quotes and purchase are available there.


How to Obtain Licenses

If you have already received a license contract by purchasing a product, please see the online guide at how to obtain a license key.


License Types

The desktop edition of the UPLINX Remote Phone Control tool is available in the following license types:

Bulk Tools:  Bulk tools include wizards for Bulk Erase, Background image deployment, Bulk Key/Command Macros and Bulk Extension Mobility.

Single User license: Technically a windows user account on a single windows machine.


Licenses can be used on Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers. One License is required per user account, please see Per-User Licensing and Terminal Servers.


Hardware ID (HID)

The desktop edition of the UPLINX Remote Phone Control tool is bound to a single windows machine, which is identified by the Hardware ID (HID). The Hardware ID (HID) is calculated out of:

  • Security ID of the windows user.
  • MAC address of the Ethernet card (physical or virtual)
  • Processor ID (if avail)

License options and the Hardware ID (HID) appear in the UPLINX Remote Phone Control in the 'About' tab.


Without a license applied, Phone Control Tool operates in demo or trial mode. Please see Demo License - Trial Limitations.



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