Command Line

Phone Key Macros can be deployed in GUI mode or from the command line. The command line mode can be started from Windows Task Scheduler and enables you to automatically deploy Key Macros based on a schedule. A small script can be created to, for example:

Command line format

PhoneControlTool.exe /bulkmacro <bulkmacro.csv>

There are 2 steps to use the command line:

Step 1: Preparation: Create Bulk Key Macro

Create a Bulk Key Macro in GUI mode and save it in Step 4. Then reference this CSV file in the command.

Example: In Step 4, save it to C:\mytemp\bulkmacro.csv

Step 2: Execute: Execute from command line or within script

Example: PhoneControlTool.exe /bulkmacro "C:\mytemp\bulkmacro.csv"

All logs of executed commands are printed to the console and are also written to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Uplinx Phone Control Tool\Log\CLI.logs

CSV file example

The following CSV example contains 2 phones:

SEP001FCAEA0108,Cisco 7945,C:\Users\Public\Pictures\9.jpg
SEP0021A02BC8B8,Cisco 7965,C:\Users\Public\Pictures\9.jpg

To update the phones and the macros to be run, modify the content of the CSV file in Excel or similar.

The above example looks as follows when executed on the command prompt:

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