Bulk Extension Mobility CSV File Format

The Bulk Extension Mobility wizard uses a single CSV file for both input and output to specify which action (login, logout, status) to perform. The CSV file follows standard CSV specifications and includes the following 8 columns:

The header line must be present and the columns must be in the same order as in the example below.

Depending on whether the CSV file is used as input or output and the action being performed, some columns will be read or written and others ignored. Please note that instead of specifying phones in the CSV file, a list of phones can be chosen manually. The following rules are employed when executing a bulk EM operation:

Example of CSV file format (copy and paste into notepad, then open in Excel to format):

Phone,User,UDP,Action Performed,Time Performed,Status Performed,Command,Message
SEP00070E16C0C7,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,get status,
SEP001D70FC98BA,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,get status,
SEP0021A00E2877,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,get status,
SEP0021A02BC8B8,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,get status,
SEP0021A02DFE28,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,logout,
SEP04C5A44D2C77,Test10,UDP_Test10_up4,none,12:44:42 PM,,login,
SEP108CCF7469E3,Test10,UDP_Test10_up4,none,12:44:42 PM,,login,
SEP503DE57D6060,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,logout,
SEP64168DBB39D0,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,logout,
SEPC89C1DB5CBA9,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,logout,
SEPC89C1DB61489,,,none,12:44:42 PM,,logout,

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