Command Line

Phone Background Images can be deployed in GUI mode or from the command line or via any scripting language that allows executing EXE files. The command line execution can also be started from Windows Task Scheduler to automatically deploy background images according to a schedule. With this, for example, a script can be executed to update the background image of phones based on the season, day of the week or latest announcement.

Command Line Format
 PhoneControlTool.exe /bulkbackground <saved config CSV file name> [/config <profile.cfg>] [ /retry <number>] [/retryintervalmin <seconds> /retryintervalmax <seconds>]


  1. On most systems the install folder is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Uplinx Remote Phone Control Tool\
  2. In command line mode the tool will make up to 3 attempts for each phone if a previous attempt fails. Between each attempt the tool will wait for a random time, between 30 seconds and 90 seconds. If you experience problems deploying background images on a large number of phones (>500), try modifying this retry behavior (such as more attempts or longer waits) by using different values in the /retry, /retryintervalmin or /retryintervalmax parameters. The default for retryintervalmin is 30 seconds, and for retryintervalmax it's 90 seconds.

There are 2 steps to use the command line:

Step 1: Preparation:  Create a Bulk Image Macro.

Create a  Bulk Image Macro in GUI mode and save it in Step 5 to C:\mytemp\bulkbackground.csv

Step 2: Execute: Execute from command line or within script.

You will now reference this CSV file with the argument /bulkbackground "C:\mytemp\bulkbackground.csv"

    Example: PhoneControlTool.exe /bulkbackground "C:\mytemp\bulkbackground.csv"

CSV file example

The following CSV example contains 3 phones:

SEP0021A02BC8B8,Cisco 7965,C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\australia_kangaroo.jpg
SEP0021A02DFE28,Cisco 7945,C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\australia_kangaroo.jpg
SEP04C5A44D2C77,Cisco 9951,C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\ocean_sunset.jpg

To update the phones and the images, modify the content of the CSV file in Excel or similar.

 The above example looks as follows when executed on the command prompt:

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