Simplify configuration management of all Cisco Unified servers by using the fully automated UPLINX Track & Audit system. You no longer need to actively backup or review configurations of Cisco CUCM, CUC and IMP. UPLINX Track & Audit automatically generates configuration reports and can alert system administrators.

When critical changes occur, the system sends out email alerts containing a list of changes which can be reviewed within seconds from the convenience of your email client. Daily configuration reports enable you to quickly undo configuration changes that are causing issues.


UPLINX Track & Audit simplifies configuration management of Cisco Unified Communications servers. The system:

  • Automatically generates daily configuration backups for all Cisco Unified Communications servers and stores them.
  • Triggers email notifications to administrators for successful or failed backup operations.
  • Browse though configuration backups from your web browser and provide secure access to dedicated users with authentication to Active Directory.
  • Identify configuration changes in the configuration backups and revert to previous configurations.
  • Sends you email alerts containing configurations changes which can be reviewed within seconds - including the change, time and user details - for immediate attention.